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Dublin Decoded Walking Tours

Dublin Decoded is a small walking tour company based solely in Dublin. They don’t host regular, scheduled public tours, preferring to keep things small, always avoiding routine, and never working off a script.

They generally offer a choice of 8-10 routes around the city. In addition there are Fine Art tours of the National Gallery of Ireland, at Merrion Square. These tours include a symbol-reading workshop called “How to Read a Painting”.

The routes, themes and dates of the tours all change every month. Times and routes for public tours are only advertised, at most, 3 weeks ahead. These public tours tend to be of more off-beat, to more “off-piste” locations. They are very convivial, sociable affairs, and a great way to meet like-minded, mostly Irish people in Dublin.

The tours focus on history, the emphasis on the visual, like fine art, architecture, design, town planning and the centuries of changes to the street-scape. The firm often use maps on their tours. These tours can resemble a treasure-hunt, seeking out visual information from inscriptions or marks on buildings, to small fragments in the street or buildings.

Dublin Decoded and its chief guide Arran Henderson have designed the Dublin architectural walking tours for the Irish Georgian Society. They have also collaborated with the Royal Hibernian Academy and National Gallery of Ireland on various bespoke events.

Arran Henderson is a very entertaining guide who will make you see Dublin in a new way, revealing secrets in plain sight. His Zoom virtual tours are also highly recommended.

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