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Dublin City Hall

Dublin's City Hall is a magnificent example of the Georgian architecture for which Dublin is world-renowned. It was built between 1769 and 1779 to house The Royal Exchange and was the trading centre of Dublin. The echo was designed to muffle private conversations. In 1898 the floor was redone with a mosaic of the City Seal (est 1607) outlined with marbles: green from Connemara, black from Kilkenny, red from Cork & light blue-grey from Sicily.  The Seal means "Happy the City Where Citizens Obey", yet City Hall was used by the Citizen Army during the War for Independence in the early 20th century. The richly-coloured murals tell the story of Ireland.

The beautiful domed circular hall or Rotunda where the merchants discussed business is now the site of civil wedding ceremonies and other events, private and public.

In the vaults lies the Story of the Capital, a multi-media exhibition where visitors learn about Dublin's evolution from Viking to modern times.
Treasures of the city such as the great sword and mace of Dublin and the Lord Mayor's chains come together with video, medieval manuscripts, interactive computer displays and period costumes, to tell the story of the capital city. You will also find Dublin Fire Brigade memorabilia there.

Admission to Dublin City Hall is free.

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