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Explore the fascinating story of Ireland through themed walking tours with Rare Ireland Tours, Dublin. Explore Ireland's military heritage on the Dublin's Military Mile walking tour and the living story of Dublin, from Viking times to today, on the Loving the Liberties walking tour.

Rare Ireland Tours offer two themed guided walking tours of Dublin. Both tours are two hours long, walking 3km in total.

The first tour is called Dublin's Military Mile. Ireland is defined by its wars that, more often than not, were influenced by matters far from her shores. Viking and Norman invasions, wars of religion, wars over claims to the British monarchy, wars of republicanism and independence, and, ultimately, world wars. On the tour, hear how these events shaped Ireland.

The second tour is called Loving the Liberties. Set up in the 11th century as part of the lands of St Thomas's Abbey, the Liberties is Dublin's oldest suburb. On the tour, explore the growth of the city from Viking settlement, Norman stronghold, Anglo Irish capital, and, finally, the crucible of a new nation. A ramble through the Liberties tells the story of Dublin through the lives of its people and the places they lived.