Lambay Island

Lambay Island aerial view of the pier
Lambay Island castle
Lambay Island wallaby among the wildflowers
  • Paid car parking
Lambay Island, off the coast of Portrane and Rush, County Dublin, is a hidden sanctuary of nature, history and creativity. Relax and recharge with their historical architecture, history and nature tours, wellness and creativity retreats.

Lambay Island is a family run retreat that is close to Dublin City, but far away from any of the hustle and bustle. The island has had importance throughout history, having been occupied since the Neolithic period.

Explore the breath taking landscapes and rich island wildlife, like its famous wallabies. Immerse yourself in the historical architecture of Lambay Castle, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and the Baring family.

Indulge in boutique Lambay Whiskey, participate in creative and wellness retreats, or simply escape to an off grid private paradise to unplug and rejuvenate with family and friends. From foraging and nutrition, to yoga, writing and painting, to mindfulness, crafts and serenity, Lambay Island has

endless opportunities for inspiration and adventure for anyone seeking a truly captivating experience.

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