In Our Shoes Walking Tours

Group on a walking tour with the Coombe hospital monument in the background
Group on a walking tour stopped listening to the guide of the tour
A group on a walking tour with In Our Shoes walking Tours
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Experience In Our Shoes Walking Tours in Dublin City. Delivered by local, Irish guides sharing what it is really like to live and grow up in Dublin’s south west inner city known as The Liberties.

Dublin is not just a place, it is a story, a neighbourhood and a web of hidden secrets. In Our Shoes Walking Tours takes visitors right to the heart of Dublin City to better understand its community. Local guides will lead you off the beaten track to landmarks famous and hidden, through high streets and back lanes, right to the centre of The Liberties in the heart of Dublin.

The Liberties boasts a wealth of local history and heritage that you can experience while walking its ancient streets. The Liberties is just waiting to be explored, boasting over 800 years of history and some of Dublin's top visitor attractions.

Moving at a leisurely pace, visitors will encounter sights as well as the hidden gems through rare local stories and access. The tour will guide you through the hidden city that only the locals know through this authentic and fun experience.

This company is a social enterprise focused on creating employment for local people with fewer employment opportunities. It aims to support sustainable communities by reinvesting income earned into the community and promoting local businesses.

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