High Schools International

HSI is a world leader in High School Programmes for international students. A High School Year Abroad is a life changing experience. Meet new people, experience new things and learn fluent English along the way. Make your university and job applications great.

High Schools International's aim is to provide access to some of the best educational opportunities in each destination and to provide the highest quality of services to enable international students to take maximum advantage of these opportunities.

The high school programmes are for students aged 13 to 17 who want to study in the United Kingdom or Ireland, with HSI you will study in a British or Irish high school, alongside British or Irish students. You can complete your high school diploma in the UK or Ireland, or you can return to your home country to finish your studies.

High Schools International or HSI, bring these tuition, accommodation and guardianship together. HSI gives you all the support and assistance necessary to ensure you are safe, happy and successful while studying abroad.

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