Experience Irish Whiskey

A man with his back to the camera taking to a group of people in a bar
  • Pre-booking essential
Experience Irish Whiskey is a tasting experience for any whiskey fan, novice and aficionado. You can enjoy this tasting experience with local whiskey expert, Derek King, at his chosen venue, The Swan Bar, Aungier Street, Dublin City.

With Experience Irish Whiskey, the tasting takes place in the comfort of a genuine heritage pub, The Swan Pub, Aungier Street, which is the perfect place to learn to taste Irish whiskey like a pro.

On arrival, you will receive your welcome drink, a Jameson ginger and lime cocktail. Then you settle in for your tasting while getting acquainted with your host and expert, Derek King.

From there, you meet the whiskeys, six in total. You will learn about Irish whiskey history, various styles of the spirit and the stories behind each brand, all the while discussing the aromas and tastes delivered with each glass.

Experience Irish Whiskey ensure that their guests have a memorable and engaging whiskey tasting experience.