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Cycling in the mountains with Ei Adventures, Inchicore Dublin
Bus tour with Ei Adventures Inchicore Dublin
EI Adventures, Inchicore, Dublin City specialises in adventure holidays and activities in some of the most beautiful places in Ireland, including Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry, Clare, Connemara, Sligo and Donegal.

EI Adventures, Inchicore, Dublin City offers cycling, walking and hiking outdoor activities in some of the most beautiful and lesser travelled areas of Ireland. Years of experience in the Irish wilderness have resulted in a team of passionate and knowledgeable guides that take visitors to places beyond the postcards where the true magic of what Ireland has to offer can be experienced with the eyes and lungs. EI Adventures offer single day tours and multi day tours.

EI Adventures' guides teach guests all about the history, archaeology, flora and fauna that they encounter. Suited to the budget traveller, they hope visitors will leave Ireland with a smile on their face and with money in their pocket. Understanding the importance of a comfortable place to talk over a day’s activities they design tailored holidays to suit all needs. Accommodation is chosen for comfort and proximity to all walks. Both small and medium sized groups with various hiking experience can be catered for and no prerequisites are asked other than a willingness to learn a few words in Gaelic.

The EI Adventure team offer various tour and activity options including multiple one day tours and multi day guided and self guided tours, hiking and walking tours and bicycle tours around Dublin and Wicklow.

Whether in Ireland for just 1 day or with the desire to spend 3 weeks walking and hiking the Emerald Isle, EI Adventures offers an authentic and enjoyable holiday experience.