Dublin Falconry

Dublin Falconry is now situated in Luttrellstown Castle Resort in Dublin 15. Visitors learn the art of falconry, with flying displays and hands-on experiences. They cater for everyone including children and special-needs customers. Handle your hawk and get a selfie with it. They also offer Owl experiences for great memories.

Dublin Falconry, owned and operated by Trevor Roche, is now located in Luttrellstown Castle Resort, Dublin 15. It is currently home to 26 Raptors including Hawks, Owls, Falcons and Buzzards. They offer visitors thrilling Falconry experiences set in the magnificent 526 acre estate, filled with lakes, trees and buildings that provide the perfect backdrop to the heritage art of Falconry. They cater for everyone including children and special-needs customers.

The Hawk Walk includes Tea/Coffee reception, safety talk and history of the birds. Then you get to venture outside and choose one of four Harris Hawks and take a walk around the scenic grounds of Luttrellstown Castle. You will fly a hawk from tree-to-tree and tree-to-fist. This is a photo-friendly event and your hawk walk will finish with you feeding the hawk and carrying it back to the lodge were a digital photo of you holding the hawk will be taken and presented to you when leaving (included in price).

There are 3 other Falconry Experiences to choose which include the Hawk Walk and additional activities for a longer experience. Falconry Experience B & C involve owls as well as hawks.

The Owl Experience features six Owls on display to you. Meet Barn Owls and little Bella, a native long-eared Owl. Move up in size to Lincoln, a Bengal Owl, and two new arrivals. Finish by flying the massive Eagle Owl, Teddy. All experiences are photo friendly.

Dublin Falconry continues to improve the standard of Falconry in Ireland and have passed Zoo inspections which require a high standard of professional conduct. As a member of the Irish Hawking Club, they abide by the rules of the International Association for Falconry.

They welcome school groups, families, birthday parties and individuals. You may also see them at other venues performing falconry demonstrations all over Ireland during the year. They offer falconry courses for 1, 3 or 5 days.

Luttrellstown Castle is a 5-star resort that some may remember as the location for David Beckham's wedding to Victoria Adams. It offers a number of activities like Fishing, Historical Tours, Archery, Golf, Air Rifle Shooting, Cycling and Horse Riding.

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