Acid Granny

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Sunday, 17 March 2024

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National Museum of Ireland- Decorative Arts & History

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About this event

Acid Granny’s iconic trolley rolls around the Collins Barracks searching for meaning in a sea of green. Improvised Irishness that’s faker than fake; It’s real.

Have you ever wondered what the trad music of the future will sound like? It won’t sound anything like this, but imagine if it did.

St Patrick's Day 2048, over Dame Street hard-bodied leprechauns dance on augmented reality billboards to jingles.

Trad players sitting around a table flying through the sky, and not a drop spilled. Sparkling water on tap, no pints in sight. Aul lads bouncing on pogo bar stools, playing accordions that sound like marimbas. Hard bodied leprechauns on augmented reality billboards dancing to jingles by Acid Granny, the harbingers of Trad Futurism and founders of the Neotrad Neocolonial project.

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