The Chocolate Warehouse

  • Family friendly
  • Free car parking
  • Rainy days
The Chocolate Warehouse, in Walkinstown Dublin, is a family friendly venue where visitors can enjoy the story of chocolate with a hands on experience of making chocolates where you get to bring home your own creations. Happy memories!

The Chocolate Warehouse in Walkinstown, Dublin is a real chocolate wonderland that was set up with one key objective: giving children and adults wonderful memories that stay with them for life. This is a special journey through the history and joy of making chocolate.

The Warehouse runs Chocolate Workshops that are 2 hours long. These workshops were started by Natasha Caffrey, the granddaughter of the late Thomas Caffrey known as The Irish “Willy Wonka”. Visitors will learn the story of chocolate with a short film showing the journey of the cocoa bean into the chocolate we know today.

The chocolate making demonstration shows the visitors how handmade chocolates and Easter eggs are made. Then you get to make your own box of chocolates and decorate bars to bring home.

At the end of each workshop there is a fun chocolate table quiz. Then each visitor receives a special certificate for graduating from The Chocolate Warehouse Workshop.

In December, Santa Claus can be seen tasting the chocolate and, at Easter, the Easter Bunny comes to visit. See website for other events and prices.