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New Acropolis is a school of practical philosophy offering free talks on a variety of topics from a philosophical perspective. It also organises regular ecological activities which members of the public can participate in.

School of Philosophy

The philosophy promoted by New Acropolis is, above all, a way of life which is accessible to all and consists of putting into practice the teachings of the wise men and women of all times. The application of knowledge results in a better individual, who will therefore be capable of building a better world. At the heart of the activities of New Acropolis is its School of Philosophy, this School has a Program of Studies, which is common to all countries and is taught in successive levels. It provides an updated version of the traditional knowledge of East and West, which, in accordance with classical humanism, combines the study of sciences, arts, religions and philosophies in a comparative way.


New Acropolis offers a space to individuals in society where values such as solidarity, tolerance and responsibility are constructed, so they result in good practices, both civil and human. The culture of volunteering is part of the philosophical training that New Acropolis promotes. Through voluntary work, members and associates of NA express their social commitment through humanitarian actions, social and educational projects (for the vulnerable in society, elderly, homeless etc), ecological activities organised by the association itself or in collaboration with other organisations.


The implementation of the human values sustains a model of active and participative culture, which puts into play the qualities of every person, and extends the mental horizon.

New Acropolis tries to contribute a new vision of culture: a culture with practical and vital values that allows the viewer to transform and improve. Promoting a culture with philosophical messages that could be understood and lived by all. New Acropolis fosters the creation of volunteer projects and groups around the world on a local and international basis. It also promotes cooperation with public or private voluntary organizations in different fields, such as GEA, UNICEF, Manos Unidas, Red Cross, etc.

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