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Dublin Tour Guide - Private Walking Tours

Dublin Tour Guide - Private Walking Tours offers fully customised private walking tours of Dublin City, with passionate and knowledgeable guides who share their expert opinion on the best sites to visit, best food to sample, best souvenirs to buy, and best pints to sip at the end of the day.

With degrees in Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies, Languages and Political Science, and a lifelong fascination in history, the guides' knowledge is not in short supply. Dublin Tour Guide - Private Walking Tours want to fully immerse you into Dublin life, from its founders, the Vikings, and Anglo-Normans, its conquerors, to the centuries of British domination the Easter Rising and Proclamation of Independence. You will take a stroll through the milestones of Irish history, the oddities and melodic patterns of Irish language, Irish drinking culture (beyond St Patrick’s day), along with some mildly macabre Irish humour.

All guides at Dublin Tour Guide - Private Walking Tours adhere to the same vision and goals which is introducing the visitors to the city through the eyes of its people, to experience Dublin history through the cobblestones of its streets, the multitude of its languages and accents and the scents and flavours of local food and pints.

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