Secret Street Tours

A tour group in Smithfield looking at some street art and graffiti
A guide speaking with a tour group in Smithfield Square
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Secret Street Tours are a non profit social enterprise offering visitors a new way to discover the streets of Dublin City, through the eyes and experiences of someone who has been affected by homelessness.

The friendly and powerful tours on offer from Secret Street Tours are developed in partnership with their guides, who share their story with you as you explore the cultural and historic landmarks of their local area.

The goal of Secret Street Tours is to empower their guides with the skills and confidence to take the next step towards independent living, whilst offering their customers a channel to engage with one of Dublin City's most pressing social challenges.

Booking a Secret Street Tour supports Dublin’s homeless community in many ways. The price of the ticket provides an income to the guides and helps them save for long term goals, such as educational courses. Listening to their guides gives a voice to a community that is so often talked about rather than listened to.