Mystery City Games

Three girls standing on the green looking at a map one is holding a magnifying glass and another has a mystery city backpack
Light brown backpack with a mystery city label on it next to a black notebook with a thread spool and two peoples hands one holding a map and one holding a small box and a magnifying glass
Three girls looking at a map standing by a wall with a church in the background
  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly
  • Pre-booking essential
Join Mystery City Games for a fun and unusual activity in Dublin City. Discover what people are calling a fantastic way to experience the city.

Meet the Game Master at the secret headquarters to pick up a backpack containing all the materials needed to play including treasure maps, boxes and beautiful tools. No app is required.

Follow an ancient treasure map while walking through Dublin's City centre or old Jewish Quarter. Discover the must see sites and monuments such as Dublin Castle, O’Connell Bridge, Molly Malone Statue and much more. Also happen upon hidden gems and less visited places along the route.

Collect clues, eliminate suspects and solve a mystery while exploring Dublin with friends or family as a party activity, on holiday or weekend away. An excellent way to spend one day in Dublin, and a great way to see it.