Ghostbus Tour by DoDublin Tours

A bus tour guide giving a ghost tour on a bus
  • Pre-booking essential
Welcome to Dublin City's tour of terror, put yourself at unease on The Ghostbus Tour by DoDublin Tours. Meet the Lady in White, graveyard torturers, and other grizzly goings on in church grounds.

Step inside the Ghostbus Tour by DoDublin and be transported into a world of ghostly happenings, comedy horror, and terrifying tales. The tour provides 2 hours of pure entertainment taking in some of Dublin City's most haunting sights along the way.

From wicked body snatchers to graveyard torturers, historic serial killers to mysterious hotel ghosts, the Ghostbus Tour will take you through the murkiest corners of Dublin’s past with horrifying tales, all based on true events and Dublin folklore.

Make your way through the terrifying corridors which lead to the Hellfire Clubroom downstairs on the bus, and play a hand of cards with the devil himself. Next, take your seat upstairs in the Victorian Theatre with its blood red velvet curtains, and begin a thrilling ride tracing Dublin’s creepiest mysteries. You’ll be led through this ordeal by a sinister guide and driver, two men in tune with the afterlife, who will do their best to put you at your unease.

Learn of Dracula's creator Bram Stoker’s Dublin origins, where he lived and what it was about his native home that inspired his famous creation. At the College of Surgeons, a certain Dr. Clossey is said to still roam the corridors carrying a bucket of human entrails.

Having heard some twisted tales on the Ghostbus Tour, get ready for a lesson in grave robbing and medieval torture in the grisly surroundings of a hidden ancient city centre graveyard. More grizzly dealings are unleashed at the 12th century St Audeon’s steps where the ghost of Darkey Kelly, the Madame of Dublin’s notorious Maiden Tower, is said to wander restlessly.

Designed to spook your imagination, the spine tingling and nerve racking Ghostbus Tour will be a journey of hair raising frights you will never forget.

The Ghostbus Tour by DoDublin Tours is suitable for ages 14 years and above and caters for birthdays, office nights out, stag and hen parties and even first dates. Hosted by professional actors, The Ghostbus Tour operates in a wide variety of weather conditions so please dress appropriately, and arrive 15 minutes before the departure time. The Ghostbus Tour is not accessible for wheelchair users.

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