Gaelchultur Irish Language Courses for adults teacher and student
Gaelchultúr is a provider of courses, resources and services for adult learners of Irish. The company is based in Dublin City and caters for learners throughout the world.

Gaelchultúr was established with the aim of promoting the Irish language and culture, including music, song and dance, in Dublin and throughout the country. Gaelchultúr provides learning opportunities for the Irish speaker, those seeking to learn Irish, or tourists eager to partake in Irish cultural events.

Gaelchultúr Irish language courses and learning resources are of the highest quality, aimed at those with an interest in Irish worldwide. It offers courses throughout Ireland, taught by a network of talented teachers. Their e-learning website,, gives learners all over the world the opportunity to attain a higher standard of Irish.

As a rewarding way to reconnect with the Irish language and Ireland's cultural roots, Gaelchultúr is well worth a look.