Flavour Trails

Full shelves of different brands of spirits behind a bar
Flat lay view of marble table with two plates of seafood and one guinness and one beer
Three pints and three plates of seafood on a marble table with leather chairs
  • Pre-booking essential
Embark on a culinary adventure in Dublin City with Flavour Trails. Relish in traditional Irish dishes, explore the finest whiskeys, and let local guides introduce the hidden gems and tales of the city. Experience a world of flavour and Irish charm.

Taste traditional Irish cuisine, from farm fresh produce to age old recipes. The tours, led by enthusiastic locals, are not just about tasting, they are a journey through Dublin’s rich history and culture. Discover why the Irish Food Walking Tour stands out and be enchanted by the city’s tales, landmarks and culinary delights.

Beyond the bustling streets and lively pubs, Flavour Trails offer a deeper connection to Dublin’s soul. The whiskey trails reveal the artistry behind every drop, while food tours celebrate the traditions passed down through generations. With each step, uncover stories that resonate, flavours that linger, and memories that last a lifetime.