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Sweny's Pharmacy is a Joycean landmark and the place where fictional character Leopold Bloom of Ulysses bought his lemony soap. It is located close to Trinity College and Dublin City Centre. The lemony soap is still sold there and daily readings of Joyce's works are open to the public.

Sweny's Pharmacy is a historical venue near Trinity College Dublin, best known for appearing in the James Joyce book Ulysses.

Fictional character Leopold Bloom was on his way to Sweny's pharmacy to pick up a lotion for his wife Molly. Over one hundred years later, Sweny's, although no longer a working pharmacy, remains at 1 Lincoln Place, preserved in its original 1850s Victorian style. Though small, it also operates as a bookstore of mostly Joyce's works.

Sweny’s is now maintained and run solely by volunteers. Daily reading sessions are offered during which visitors can participate in the reading aloud of Joyce's work. Some readings are in Português & Français on Saturdays; Deutsch & Italiano & "Joycish" on Sundays. Whether you’re a Joycean novice or a scholar, hearing Joyce’s novels read aloud can bring the text to life in a new way and is considered by some as the best way to experience Joyce’s words.

In each of the reading groups they read and discuss a section of the novel each week, and if you’re lucky there may even be a biscuit to go with your cup of tea afterwards! Places are limited, so it is recommend you arrive early.

Sweny’s is available for hire to small groups for private readings.