Erin School of English

Erin School prepares students for a lifetime of speaking English. All of the general English courses include preparation for TIE, IELTS and Cambridge exams. Learn while working and playing. Recognised for English language teaching (ELT) by ACELS.

Erin School of English provides education using materials, methods and skills relevant to today’s globalised society. All of the teachers aim to ensure that the students get the most out of the English course.

Erin School of English provides exam preparation for TIE, IELTS and Cambridge exams. These exams are accepted by over 6,000 universities and employers around the world. Preparing for them gives the necessary skills to succeed at university and beyond.

Free after class activities are also provided that enhance the studying process and help students socialise.

The school is located near the cultural heart of the city next to Temple Bar, Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral, and Trinity University for students who wish to explore the city of Dublin.

Students can join groups on a social programme for one of the nights out.

Orientation for new students takes place every Monday at 09:30 in the student room on the third floor.