Dublin Rogues Tour

Dublin Rogues Tour guide near the Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square

Dublin Rogues Tour is a walking tour of Merrion Square Park, which was the home to elite Dubliners and institutions since 1762. Your guide reveals the stories and secrets of the former occupants of the square, including Oscar Wilde, Daniel O’Connell, William Butler Yeats and Erwin Schrodinger, to name a few.

The Dublin Rogues Tour explores the captivating characters of Merrion Square and their associates. The walking tour, approximately one hour and 15 minutes, visits some of the statues dedicated to the famous and not so famous. In addition to the well known Oscar Wilde and W.B. Yeats, you will hear about leaders like Michael Collins, Henry Grattan, George Russell, The Duke of Wellington, and the Liberator Daniel O'Connell, the first Catholic to live there. Discover the darker history of controversial people that are associated with the square, including Brendan Behan, Mamie Cadden, Darkey Kelly and Buck Whaley.

The history of the square and park will also be explored. Many Dubliners do not know that a WWII air raid bunker is built under the southeast corner. The Dublin Rogues Tour is full of informative stories and fascinating insights.

If guests wish they can finish the tour off with a pint of Guinness at one of Dublin’s traditional pubs.

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