Artful Tours

A tour group enjoying a street art tour of Dublin City with Artful Tours
  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly
Start your holiday with an enjoyable walking tour of Dublin City with Artful Tours. Learn about the art, history and culture of Ireland's capital city and beyond. Guided tours are offered through English or Spanish.

Artful Tours provide a range of themed tours in Dublin City and outside Dublin as well as tailor made tours on request. Some of the tours on offer include the Street Art Tour of Dublin, Modern & Contemporary Public Art in Dublin, a Historical Public Sculpture, an Irish History and Culture Walking Tour, The Forgotten Women of 1916 Rebellion and The James Joyce Tour. A walking tour with Artful Tours lasts approximately 2 hours and covers about 5kms.

An Artful Walking Tour is a fun activity for small groups, families, friends or visitors to Dublin City. Enjoy strolling around Dublin City seeing it from a new perspective. Open your eyes to the vibrant city street art scene and Dublin’s beautiful squares, greens and parks, where each season of the year has its own charm. All tours are given in a relaxed, fun and healthy environment.

Artful Tours arranged on request include the Normal People locations tour, a Tour of Dublin City Art Galleries Highlights and Artful Tours Outside Dublin.