The Black Church

In Dublin City centre stands St. Mary’s Chapel of Ease, commonly known as the Black Church due to the dark coloured calp stone used to build it. It was constructed in 1830 for the Church of Ireland and is interesting for its architecture.

In 1830, St. Mary’s Chapel of Ease was built in Dublin City centre for the Church of Ireland community. The structure was designed by John Semple and constructed using calp stone, a dark coloured material that gives the chapel its nickname, The Black Church.

Semple experimented with the design of this church. It is supported by its curved interior walls that create the effect of a single large arch. The vertical elements of the exterior are not for support, but are primarily decoration, which seem counter-intuitive.

The Black Church closed in the 1960s and now houses several businesses. It is located between Mountjoy Street and Dorset Street Upper, on St. Mary's Place North. It is not generally open to the public, but you may be lucky and get to peek inside.

Local legend tells that a person walking three times anti clockwise around the Black Church at midnight will encounter the Devil.

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