Pure Results Bootcamp

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Pure Results, all-inclusive fitness holidays founded by Irish TV presenter Kathryn Thomas, is putting Irish fitness and wellness retreats on the map.

Offering a range of 7 and 4 day retreats, Pure Results is fast becoming one of the most sought after fitness, detox and weight loss offerings in Ireland. Clients get to focus on the three pillars of health - nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, often leaving fitter and healthier than they have felt in years.

Located in a number of Irish locations, Pure Results brings an exciting fitness getaway to both domestic and international travellers and fitness enthusiasts.

This program consists of high and low intensity training such as boxercise, circuits, plyofit, the Pure Results assault course, yoga and pilates as well as hiking some of Ireland’s most beautiful national parks. The program is guaranteed to push you out of your comfort zone to allow you achieve your fitness or weight-loss goals.

The Pure Results meal plan is custom designed to keep you sustained, with the perfect balance of micro and macro nutrients, while you work out. Free from wheat, dairy, sugar and caffeine, it is the perfect detox for the body too, aiding you with your weight loss goals.

In addition to training and exercise classes, you can avail of 1 to 1 consultations with your on site nutritionist. There are also wellness seminars and on site massage and physiotherapy available to get you back to your best, both body and mind!

Pure Results prides itself on its client service and premium offering and is fully committed to achieving results.

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