Great Outdoors

Shop front of a cream coloured building with black awning above the window and doors
Shop floor with mannequins and clothes on hangers
Shop floor with rows of different coloured clothes on hangers
  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly
  • Paid car parking
Great Outdoors is an outdoor store in Dublin City. They stock all the equipment customers could need for hiking, camping, mountaineering, water sports and many more outdoor pursuits.

Since its inception as Great Outdoors Ltd, they have welcomed many adventurers through their doors. People venturing off to the North Pole, Everest and other hard to reach places, have all stocked up here before setting off.

Others diving in the Red Sea or the glacial fjords of Iceland have been equipped through this shop. Students on J1 visas or Australian work permits have all been looked after before heading off on their travels. They have built their reputation through a focus on customer service, recommendations and guidance alongside the best in outdoor gear.