Zero Latency Dublin

Laser game at Zero Latency Dublin
  • Family friendly
  • Rainy days
Free roam Virtual Reality is here and it's going to be epic. Zero Latency, Dublin, takes you and your friends inside the game, where your body is the controller and your mind believes it's real.

Zero Latency Dublin are global pioneers in warehouse scale, multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment experiences.

Zero Latency uses a combination of technology and proprietary software that eliminates the motion sickness sometimes associated with VR. Up to eight players can join in the free roam experience, allowing friends and family explore virtual worlds, whilst competing and working together to defeat the enemy.

With six games to choose from, players can see each other as full motion avatars and communicate through headsets, whilst exploring different areas in the virtual space.

Kitted out with a VR headset, microphone and military style backpack, players are fully immersed in the 200 square metre virtual reality arena and free to explore, untethered.

Players must be 10 years and over to play. Pre-booking is necessary.

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