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Winter Lights in Dublin

By Visit Dublin

4th December 2020

As we come to the end of a dark year for many, Dublin reminds us that the future can be bright. The city is lighting up our lives with twinkling and glowing colour for the month of December and into New Year’s Day when the Winter Lights display returns for the third holiday season running.

The Hugh Lane Gallery

Using low-wattage LED lights, even the darkest winter's evening will be brightened with clever, colourful illuminations dotted throughout the city. And by using environmentally friendly lights, the city will be awash with colour without having a significant impact on climate change. The Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship, for example, will be lit up using less electricity than an average household socket, while a mere two vacuum cleaners’ worth of wattage powers the Hugh Lane Gallery's display!

The Samuel Beckett Bridge

The city council have collaborated with community groups and artists to create some stunning projection artworks that will feature as part of the overall festival. From a dance-inspired piece by the Richmond Barracks over 55's group projected onto the Samuel Beckett Bridge, to a tribute to community spirit by the National Neighbourhood group on the walls of the Mater Hospital, the city will showcase its strength and resilience in this challenging time through its art.

The Mansion House

Catch the various projections at the City Hall, GPO, Mansion House and many other locations throughout the city. The display at Smithfield will be paying tribute to the 2020 heroes -- our frontline workers. The light show here will pay homage and thank all those who kept the city going through the worst of the pandemic by displaying photographs of these crucial members of our community.

The Millennium Bridge

With new locations such as the Jeanie Johnston, Capital Dock and the Triumphal Arch at the CHQ building, this year's Winter Lights event has expanded to bring even more seasonal joy to the city.

Parliament Street and City Hall

Take a drive or a stroll around the city to check out the displays, and let the lights inspire hope for the new year and show that this city will shine brightly, come what may.

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