Whelan's is recognised as Dublin's original live music venue. It has been a foundation stone in the development of Dublin City as an international capital of modern music.

Whelan's of Wexford Street, in the heart of Dublin City, is recognised by many as Dublin's original live music venue. The building has a rich tapestry of history, and can trace it's origins back to the 17th century.

Over the years many famous names and faces have performed on its stage, often inspired by memorable and still talked about shows. Indeed, it was a Saturday afternoon in Whelan's in September 2004, that a 13 year old Ed Sheeran claims sparked his 'musical epiphany'. As Irish legend Damien Rice took to the stage, Sheeran says he knew then he had to be a musician. Whelan’s brings out the best in performers, whether they are a young band in their early days, or a more seasoned and celebrated act.

The versatility and warmth of Whelan’s as a venue also means it is the location for more than just rock and folk shows, with many other clients using its facilities for a wide variety of events.

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