The Workshop

Someone in a chef uniform sprinkling flakes of nuts on chocolate squares
A person working with tools at a work bench
A person standing at a bar pouring liquid into a glass which is decorated with slices of fruit
  • Family friendly
Experience artisan workshops and classes in chocolate truffles, perfumery, botanical mixology and the history of Irish silver in one of the oldest merchant houses and shops in Dublin City, House of Read. Be part of a living tradition with The Workshop.

Try the Hands-on Chocolate Truffle Making Class at The Workshop. Delve into the delectable world of chocolate, where you will learn the art of creating indulgent truffles from sumptuous ingredients.

Discover the secrets behind timeless silverware and explore the fascinating world of antiques in their Silverware & Antique Class.

Immerse yourself in the sensuous alchemy of scents and learn how to create your own fragrance in the Hands-on Perfumery Class.

The Botanical Mixology Workshop is an exploration of flavour and a trip into the history and background of botanicals, bitters, syrups and cordials. You learn what they are and how you can use them.

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