The Book of Kells

Three people looking at a wooden harp in a glass display case
Tall book shelves in a library
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A visit to the Book of Kells, at the Old Library in Trinity College Dublin, is a journey through Ireland’s most iconic cultural heritage.

Trinity College, in Dublin City, is Ireland’s oldest university and home to the world famous 9th century manuscript, the Book of Kells. A handwritten copy of the four gospels of the New Testament, the Book of Kells is filled with ornate Latin text and intricate illustrations. View the ancient manuscript in the heart of the Old Library, before marvelling at the awe inspiring Long Room library chamber. Some of the Long Room’s hidden gems include the Brian Boru Harp, Ireland's oldest surviving harp, and a rare original copy of the Proclamation, a seminal text in Irish history.

A once in a lifetime event is currently taking place in the Old Library, and 200,000 books are now removed from the Long Room library chamber. On your visit you will witness this historic event, which is part of the landmark Old Library Redevelopment Project.

Make the most out of your visit and add on a tour of Trinity campus with the Book of Kells and Trinity Trails tour.

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