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Zipit Tibradden Wood

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Zipit Forest Adventures provide a fun filled, environmentally friendly, adrenaline rush suitable for adventure lovers and families. Experience the excitement of flying along zip lines, swinging through trees and feeling an immense sense of achievement. Ideal for those new to the world of adventure who like their challenges in bite-sized chunks, or weekend warriors seeking the latest adventure test.

Participants get to hurtle down a zip wire, ride a BMX across a treetop bridge, climb suspended ladders, swing into cargo nets, balance on a rope and much, much more! For those who claim they are fearless, there is always the base jump. Once harnessed, you are given a short safety instruction by a qualified instructor, followed by a practice circuit. Then, away you go, secure in the knowledge that instructors are on the ground if you need them, to offer guidance, encouragement or get you back down to the ground.

With activities ranging in height from 1 to 20 metres, the course contains five individual circuits. Children from the age of seven upwards can participate, as long as they are at least one metre tall. Participants aged seven to seventeen must be supervised by an adult. The course takes three hours to complete as there are over 650 metres of zip lines and over 1.8 kilometres of activities. Zipit Tibradden Wood provides hours of fun for a family or club day out.

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