Lambay Rowing Challenge

Saturday, 23 September 2023

Event times:

10:00 - 15:00

Event location:

South Shore, Rush

Event price:


About this event

Push yourself and your crew to the limits on the Lambay Rowing Challenge 2023! Considered one of the toughest open-sea rows in Europe, this row is a physically demanding 19km which circumnavigates Lambay Island off the coast of North County Dublin.

The East Coast Rowing Council (ECRC) showcases the traditional style of rowing skiffs that are popular in the region. Skiffs are long, wooden boats that are propelled by four rowers using oars and directed by a coxswain. The events are held across the East coast of Ireland, specifically from Balbriggan to Wexford, participants compete in their respective skiffs, representing different clubs from the area.

The races covers a set course and takes place along the East Coast of Ireland, known for its challenging tidal and current conditions, adding an extra level of difficulty to the competition. It is an event that brings together the community, promotes the sport of rowing, and celebrates the natural beauty of the Irish coastline.

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