Abbey Theatre Tours

Small group of people sitting in a theatre auditorium with a tour guide
Theatre tour guide showing someone props and costumes
People looking at and touching a wig on a tour of a theatre
Ever wondered what exactly is involved in creating a theatre production? Or what happens behind the scenes while you are watching a performance? Join the backstage tour at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin City, and see Ireland’s national theatre in a new light.

The Abbey Theatre in Dublin City was established in 1904. Inspired by the revolutionary ideals of its founders and the rich canon of Irish dramatic writing, the Abbey Theatre’s mission is to imaginatively engage with all of Irish society through the production of ambitious, courageous and new theatre in all its forms.

Their Backstage Tour brings the story of the Abbey Theatre to life and takes you behind the scenes of their current productions. You won’t look at a show in quite the same way again.

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