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Plan it, do it, love it! Use Pins to save your ideas to this page and then print or register to save and start enjoying Dublin...

What are Pins?

What are Pins?

Pins let you build your personal map of Dublin favourites. You can set a Pin from just about any page or article on the website by clicking on the ‘Pin to My Dublin Map’ icon and it will be added to your personalised map of the city to help you plan your itinerary. You can edit, update, print and invite your friends to interact with your Pins.

starting point

Choose a Starting Point

Pick a spot to centre your next Dublin trip around! Use the search box and type in your chosen starting point or alternatively use your current location. Your map will then indicate the distances from and to your starting point. If you choose not to pick a starting point, the map will always centre on the city’s O’Connell Bridge.