The Clue Academy

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Ireland's first outdoor escape room team event! Using augmented reality via iPads and mobiles, you have 2 hours to crack the code and save the world. The new wave in team events, it's socialising with social distancing-available in Dublin and Galway.

Go outside and explore with The Clue Academy. They have developed an amazing outdoor (or indoor) team scavenger hunt activity that is some serious 'craic'. It incorporates GPS and augmented reality technology that brings the whole experience to life.

This is a team event made up of two to six players per team (you can have multiple teams play against each other). Arriving at The Clue HQ, each team will be given an iPad, an action pack and run through a brief safety briefing. With the help of GPS, you'll make your way on foot to a number of different checkpoints around the city centre where you'll complete a variety of tasks including riddles, puzzles and mini games. You have 2 hours to save the world.

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