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The City Centre

By Visit Dublin

22nd April 2021

It's time to get out there and enjoy the city of Dublin. When you take a moment to have a proper look at the capital, you'll truly appreciate its unique charm and character. Embrace a day trip by exploring Dublin's winding streets, dipping in to its thriving retail scene and soaking up culture at world-class museums and galleries. Our four inspiring city stories will help you get started.

Rediscover the beating heart of Dublin

The capital beckons, and now is the ideal time for a city adventure. There are certain things you already know about Dublin — its rich literary history or its ties with the arts — but it's always worth taking a stroll about to remind yourself what's truly special about the city. This is your opportunity to explore hidden corners of the centre and discover stories you never knew existed. 

Explore Dublin's Design Shops

Dublin's craft culture has deep roots that make it a powerhouse on the European scene. A new breed of design and craft shops across the city are engaging not just with their Irish heritage, but with hyper-modern, international trends — our round-up of the hottest emporiums in the capital will soon have you embarking on a satisfying treasure hunt.

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Items in the Irish Design Shop

Take a Dublin Shortcut: Trinity to Christ Church

Walking from Trinity College to Christ Church Cathedral could be a simple five-minute stroll. But, as Totally Dublin editor Michael McDermott explains, going off-piste will lead you on a journey of rediscovery that takes in hidden gems and local artwork.

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Exterior view of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

Journey Through Dublin's Northside

This fascinating journey through the Northside of Dublin City will open your eyes to yet another facet of the capital. Follow this trail to uncover stories of inspiring characters and explore the hallowed places they frequented.

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Child admiring flowers in the Botanic Gardens

Rediscover the City Centre  

From Croke Park to the National Gallery, a wealth of experiences await you in Dublin City Centre. Now that the city is once more yours to explore, open your eyes to the true joy of Dublin on our whistlestop tour of some of the capital's most fascinating places.  

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A couple admiring art in the National Gallery

Embrace your city this year by exploring Dublin's winding streets; get ready to soak up the culture and the history of one of the oldest, and if we say so ourselves, coolest cities in Europe. 

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