Steo Wall - Tradfest Temple Bar

Steo Wall Tradfest 2022 Dublin

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

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Dublin Castle

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About this event

Steo Wall is a singer songwriter from Dublin now based in Co Clare, on the west coast of Ireland. With the release of his debut album, ‘Where I’m From’ in Sept 2018, Steo barged his way onto the Irish music scene.

Mixing traditional Irish folk with some contemporary Irish rap, Steo brings the listener on a journey from the badlands of Dublin working class housing estates to the beauty of the west coast of Ireland. Steo paints a picture of rebellious loved friends and adored family members, the album being an homage to those gone before him. It’s these family members which give us an understanding of the depths of his musical influences. ‘Sarah Doran’ an ode to Steo’s traveller grandmother is the third track on the album and Davey Spillanes whistle is a beautifully fitting tribute.

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