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The Wright Venue

The main night club at the Wright Venue is almost difficult to sum up in words, think of the most glamorous, sophisticated, elegant, but sexy surrounding you can imagine! You will get all this in the main night club… its theatrical, extravagant, yet comfortable and welcoming. Your eyes will be captivated as soon as you enter the enormous room by the many extraordinary features, such as the huge chandeliers, the globe-like disco ball, the beautiful and elegant lamps and opera-style drapery and special effect features, such as expressional faces carved into the walls. As well as having elegance, this nightclub has many sexy and sophisticated features, such as, the four podiums surrounding the dance-floor, providing a place for the many talented dancers to create a show like no other in Ireland. The integrated DJ-box is home to one of the most sophisticated sound and light systems in the world and promises the presence of some of the most celebrated DJ’s on the planet.

As well as having style and sheer glamour, the main night club boasts a separate relaxing, yet modern smoking area, ensuring that you do not miss out on the atmosphere of the main club, whilst also having access to the outside area, fully heated hotspot with an extended bar. There are 3 bars in the main club area; the main bar has a lengthy selection of alcohol which caters for every taste and flavour. Behind the bar is an area reserved for podium dancers, which keeps guests entertained whilst they wait for their beverage to be served with a smile. Whilst in the main club you can look up and be amazed by what you see, a birds eye view of the balcony area, the luxurious city suites, available to those wanting to experience the V.I.P. lifestyle, and also the Scar-face room, this is the infamous room that the biggest personalities from the world of entertainment have all partied in.

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