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The Michael Collins Walking Tour

Michael Collins (1890-1922) was one of the most charismatic and popular leaders to emerge during the struggle for Irish freedom in the early twentieth century.
Considered one of the greatest exponents of guerilla warfare, Collins organised the IRA into a formidable army and through the use of spies and assassins fought against the British presence in Ireland. Often controversial, he died at the young age of 31 thus ensuring his iconic status as one of Ireland’s lost leaders.

This tour examines the intricacies of the aftermath of the Easter Rising, the fight against the Black and Tans, the Treaty Negotiations, the Irish Civil War and the shooting of Michael Collins.

The fascinating life that Collins lived and his role in the revolutionary period will be revealed on this accessible, gentle stroll around Dublin with experts in Irish revolutionary history.

Tours are guided by Lorcan Collins (who founded the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour in 1996) author of The Easter Rising: A Guide to Dublin in 1916, (O'Brien Press, 2000). Lorcan also wrote the biography of James Connolly (O'Brien Press, 2012) for the 16 Lives series of books which he co-edited. Lorcan regularly lectures on the Irish revolutionary period in the United States and is a frequent contributor to radio and television programmes, and historical journals.

Other guides include Dr Shane Kenna, Ruairi O’Donnell, Eoin Walsh and Liam Cowley who are all experts on early Twentieth Century Irish history.

Tour starts at 15:00 daily and runs for 2hrs

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