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The History Of Electronic Music

A Talk/Performance on The History Of Electronic Music
From Bone-Flute to Drum-Loop. Using a sampler to travel through time to share how we got to today's music, music-historian, comedian & DJ, Vinney takes your brain to another dimension.

"I’ve been obsessed with electronic music since I was given a rave-tape in 1991 that featured, amongst other things, The Prodigy’s debut single; Charly. Now I’m using a sampler to travel through time to share how the tunes on that tape came about".

The talk begins 40,000 years ago with the first instrument known to mankind; the bone-flute. You will discover: which Canadian invented the organ? Which French guy started sampling in the 1940’s? Which Japanese dude invented devices that accidentally changed the face of music (when found in a Chicago pawn shop)? What’s the most sampled and abused drum-loop ever (used by NWA, Prodigy, Oasis and thousands more) – and why did the drummer die penniless?

All this with a dedication to making you laugh.
It took 40,000 years to make a rave-tape. Find out why – Vinney (DJ PixelFace)

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Event Dates:

  • Sat, 23 November 2019 19:30 - 22:00

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