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The Big Tree Tavern

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    39 Lower Dorset Street, Dublin City

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The Big Tree Tavern on Dorset street is one of the oldest pubs in the city of Dublin. Located on Dorset street The Big Tree is close to Dublin citys main O'Connell street, as well as Croke Park stadium where GAA maches are played throughout the year.

There has been an Inn and later a Tavern on this site since 1453. It grew to fame as the “Rose Tavern” back in late medieval days and is mentioned in all worthy historical accounts of those times.

The pub derived its current name in the aftermath of the 1798 rebellion when one of Dublin’s most notorious character’s John Claudius Beresford, Alderman of Dublin city and judge to the prerogative court, after a 60 second trial, 5 men were sentenced to be hanged at the spot outside the tavern where they were arrested. The tree that they were hanged from became known as the Big Tree and over the years the tavern became known as the Big tree Tavern.

The Big Tree has authentic old style telephones on selected tables and walls, where you can dial across to other table for a chat. There are live sports across played across 20 screens in the Big Tree as well as pool tables for those who prefer to particpate rather than watch.

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