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  • Simon Amstell: What Is This?


Simon Amstell is the slightly shy and introverted leading light in modern British comedy. His inauspicious beginnings were on T4’s Pop World and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, where he alienated pop stars with his sardonic wit.

However, he left that world behind to forge a career as a sitcom-writer and stand-up star. His show, Grandma’s House, was a cult favourite based on his Jewish upbringing in Gant’s Hill, in Greater London. It was a sweetly observed and gentle comedy that appealed to generations that gathered around the TV to watch it, seeing themselves reflected in the small box.

With Amstell’s stand-up, he has forged a new path for people who like winding and philosophical giggles. Light on the slapstick jokes, he pulls out quite deep themes and ruminates on them using anecdotes and extended meditations.

Simon Amstell is charming to watch as he narrates on beauty, love and freedom in this, his fifth stand-up tour.



Vicar Street, 58-59 Thomas Street, Merchant's Quay






  • Fri, 24 November 2017 19:30 - 22:30
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