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Shanes Howth Hikes

For excellent local knowledge come and share the ancient tales of Castles, towers and Abbeys nestling between the cafes restaurants and bars. Walking or Hiking along the coast and famous cliffs, or coast to coast by the Castle and Dolmen is the best way to get the inside feeling.

Enjoy a memorable adventure and wonderful experience of nature and history walking back through time and across a surprising variety of habitats climates and environments with the pioneering Howth Safari. Only 30 minutes from the city centre Howth is an ancient coastal peninsula with a european history going back 5000 years that you can become part of today.

Surprisingly beautiful with a variety of remarkable natural experiences. Shane your guide is a third generation Howth man, with a lifetime of travel behind him and a real passion for Howth and its place in Irish and European history. Nobody knows it better.

Howth is a protected wilderness and biosphere remarkably close to the city on the shores of Dublin Bay. The Coastal environment is genuinely inspiring to the senses, the Cliffs, Lighthouses, Seabirds, seals, dolphins and porpoises are all here for good reasons too. Nobody knows it better. The transiations from woodland to jungle, heathland to cliff and beach will delight and amaze you. The pages of history slowly turn slowly from ancient Irish mythology and Aideen's Grave, though the original Celts. The island of Saints and Scholars overtaken by the Vikings, who were no sooner taught manners than the Normans showed up. As intriguing than Game of Thrones and continues to the present day. With Kings Landing and Queens for Tea, Castles kidnappings and ransoms.

Fill the gap between Coffee and lunch perfectly with the Howth Heritage Free Walk or head out for a real adventure on the Howth Safari. Come with a personal group and book a private day to boost mood, stimulate creativity build trust and improve relationships, as important to families as corporation.

Howth Village is the perfect point from which to start your adventure, with interesting and excellent choices for refreshment in the vivid salty atmosphere of this lively and confident old coastal jewel in the crown.

Tour Starting Point: Tourism Kiosk Harbour Road Howth.
Tour Times: 11:00

Tour runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holidays - Refer to the website for further details.

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