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The seaside town of Mosney, County Meath, became known as a popular resort after Butlin’s built a holiday camp there in 1948. Later it became famous for hosting the finals of the Community Games. In recent times, it has become famous – if not notorious – for hosting another community entirely.

Since 2000, the Mosney Accommodation Centre has been used by the government to host people who are seeking asylum in Ireland from political violence and terror in their home countries. Seaview is a 2007 documentary that tells the story of the asylum seekers at Mosney who, in the system known as direct provision, are unable to work and have to wait years to find out if they will be allowed to stay in their new home.

Nicky Gogan, who co-directed the film along with Paul Rowley, will partake in a questions and answer session after this screening of Seaview, which despite being a decade old remains a vital and potent political film.



The Complex, 15 Little Green Street, Capel Street






  • Sun, 18 March 2018 13:00 - 16:00
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