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Activities has been set up by The Spokesman. They aim to provide a high level of bike to hire. Their minimum specification is aluminium frame, carbon fork, Shimano 105 drivetrain. Some bikes may have disc brakes, some have caliper brakes.

Roadbikehire’s bikes are selected to be comfortable and have gearing that is easy to ride on hills.

You may need to rent a road bike for the following reasons;

* You are a tourist – It is expensive and a hassle to put your bike on an airplane.
* You may have a problem with your own bike.
* You may not have room to store a commuter bike and a road bike.
* You may only have a commuter bike, and don’t want to commit to buying a road bike.
* You may want to try a road bike before you buy it.
* You may be a company that wants a bike for a colleague visiting the Dublin. is located in South Dublin. There may be a charge for delivery depending on where you are based. Otherwise you can collect and return the bike to at 6 Mountain Villa, Church Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin.

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