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Professor Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox made a unique transition from science boffin to genuine star of popular culture with his engaging televised lectures that made simple – at least, more simple – the ways in which the universe works.

The Professor of Particle Physics at The University of Manchester, to give him his full title, has recently taken to giving his lectures in arenas that are usually filled by rock bands and pop stars, with his last tour breaking all sorts of records for attendance at science lectures. This new tour will take even more advantage of the large venues he will be playing by using huge state-of-the-art screens to display incredible images from the Hubble Space Telescope that are up to 30 metres in width.

Cox is always just as entertaining as he is educational, and this new show is a must for those harbouring cosmological curiosity.

€39 - €66

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  • €39




Event Dates:

  • Sat, 16 February 2019 20:00 - 22:00

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