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My Irish Landscape

The charge you get from the west of Ireland landscape is something to experience and remember. It stays with you as the week brings in waves of Atlantic weather. One minute you are soaking in rays of sunshine reflecting off the water the next you are soaking up driving rain.

How do you preserve and honour the memory? One method is to transform your photographic memories into something durable, with an oil painting. One’s mind and one’s camera tends to hold numerous images but there is always one that is special to you because of specific associations. These associations can range from family history to momentary charges of memory of that perfect day.

Landscape is like no other form of art since it can solidify your feelings into the permanence of landscape that never changes. When memories are safely stored, then a sense of calm may seep in from the knowledge of a good job done, encouraging the daily stresses to evaporate. It reminds you of a feeling pondered over by Van Morrison in his song about a trip to Coney Island “wouldn't it be great if it was like this all the time”.

My Irish Landscape offers an option for you to improve your skills to paint it yourself or you can commission your own art work. The art classes are held in a spacious residence in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. You can enjoy outdoor painting on a fine day and nice log fire in the winter.

The skills that are developed during the 1-2 day classes are composition, lighting, process, and finishing phases. Both acrylics and oils can be used depending on the drying time required. The costs are advised on contact.

If you don’t feel like painting your own landscape then is commissioning a landscape painting of your memory a puzzle or is it simple? You can send My Irish Landscape the photos from your phone for discussion. They can communicate by meeting in Dublin or by email, which ever suits you. They can suggest a good frame for a painting that keeps your memory wholesome and intact.

You are not asked to pay for anything until you are sent a scan of the painting by email, and if you are satisfied then payment is made and the painting is delivered by agreement. When you receive the painting you are offered a 1 month money back Guarantee if you send back the painting. The costs are advised on contact.

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