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Mornington Garden

In the last 7 years, Garden Designer and Horticulturist, Annmarie Bowring, has been actively developing the garden into a truly all round family one, which includes a play area for children, a clothes line for drying clothes, a potting shed, glass-house, chicken pen, 9 compost bins . A real family garden with interest all year. Texture, form and colour vital, as Monet showed us through his paintings. An atmosphere of calm and beauty prevails.

With its mature trees and shrubs, including a very large Eucalyptus gunnii on the southern corner of the garden, shrubs have been sculpted to enhance the garden, including a vegetable, fruit and ornamental gardens. Maintained in a totally sustainable way. There are no hard corners, the garden consists of winding gravel paths, sitting areas, grass, flowers.

Not far from the sea, silhouettes of breaking waves are cut into the boundary Privet hedge, creating a green backdrop to the garden.

Please ring or email to confirm opening times before travelling.

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