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Krust Bakery

Krüst Bakery is situated just beside Temple Bar. It is the Worlds First Smart Cafe and Bakery! Also called the “Home of the Cronut” in Ireland. Why? Very easy! They offer one of the best Cronut on this planet, they do everything from Oreo Cronuts to Dulce de leche with Belgian Dark Choc curls...Combined with great Organic Coffee that won the Best Taste Award in the US and UK.

All produce including, donuts, cronuts, pretzel donuts and hand-crafted sandwiches are made on the day and sold on the day. They do not keep any leftovers from previous days to ensure freshness and quality!!

They are the 1st place in Ireland to serve Nitro-Coffee made with Organic Marley Coffee. If Red-bull gives you wings then this will give you the Jetpack!!

All products are GMO and Transfatty acids free and contain natural only ingredients.

Free WiFi, wireless charging, ordering via app, Bitcoin support are a must!!

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