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JJ Smyth's

JJ Smyth's started off as a family owned grocery and public house back in the 1730's, it has changed throughout the years and now you can hear live jazz and blues sounds of the city from within its doors.

On entering JJ Smyth’s it seems just like a regular, unassuming old fashioned Dublin pub, but it's also a famous jazz bar. The upstairs music venue has real character and charming ambience. Here, you will hear some of the city's top jazz every night of the week. The musical associations don't end there, a plaque commemorating Thomas Moore, noted poet and recorder of Ireland's oral music tradition is mounted beside the front door, this was his local.

JJ Smyth's became one of the city’s oldest continuous licensees, which has remained on precisely the same site since the 1730's.

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